Badgering the witness?

It is the naughty side of my mainly good girl character that just loves a bit of urban art. I am utterly compelled with the talent of these undercover night artists (I assume that they do it at night-time, right?); in particular the way in which drab grey buildings are immediately brought to life with eye popping colour.

I do always wonder though, how on earth do they reach some of those places in the dark?  If there are any urban artists out there reading this, please please tell me how you do it. I am genuinely intrigued.

Recently we had to do a work project in the east end of London >Assignment: Placemaking – what makes a great place to live, work and play?<. Below are some of the photos I captured on my iPhone as part of that assignment. I am slightly cross with myself that I didn’t take my proper camera to get better resolution images; but there was so much walking on the agenda and my camera is so heavy I just couldn’t face it. At least with the images below you get the gist and something is better than nothing!

Street Art, Shoreditch (East London)


Love the combination of the orangey yellow and the peacock blue. Beautiful
I find the long neck on this bird so elegant.

One of the blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis is Piran Café. It is so packed with amazing images and informative words. There is a whole section dedicated to Street photography too – so I often go to it and have a browse; a little feast for my eyes! There are loads of imagine to choose from on the site (in particular from Bogota). But my absolute faves are these shots of urban art from Venice. The “winner” in my eyes being the fat tourist carrying the designer handbags (11th image from the bottom). You have to take a quick peek:

Venice – An Atypical 24-Image Gallery



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