To be 4

To be four.

And in London.

Wanting to do so much.

But sometimes, just before you do it, realising that you are just not quite brave enough.

To be four.

And in London.

Seeing the spotty teenage free runnners flipping on Southbank

And later, spinning around on a low hung rail, believing you are just as good.

Life can be so confusing

when your quick brain knows the names of all the dinosaurs (even the flying one)

but is not quite sure whether the sleeping dinosaur in the museum is going to wake up; or not.

To be four.

and in London.

Not tired and wanting to do more.

Cross because you have to go home before you get to see the lights at Leicester Square (“not fair, you promised“) and eat ice cream.

But asleep on mum before the

tube reaches the



Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

6 thoughts

  1. So often when we are rushing around we don’t see the beauty in these moments. Or we misinterpret them as ‘being awkward’. Thank you for this loving, wonderful perspective on the thoughts of a 4 year old


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