Grumpy farmer; little tractor

The morning before our friends’ wedding in Italy, I left our beautiful guesthouse and went out for a  solo stroll. Walking out of the small village of Lippiano and up the hill to nearby Casalino in the amazing Umbrian countryside, I only saw a handful of people on my 2-hour wander. One of whom was this rather grumpy farmer on what must be the world’s smallest (and rather old) tractor. Despite the slight growl he gave me when he drove past me, I had a delightful morning soaking up the stunning vistas.

IMG_0172 (2)

And it turned out to be a great area to take photographs more generally:

IMG_0169 (3)IMG_0180IMG_0177 (2)IMG_0165 (2)IMG_0164 (2)


Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

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