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I have been hearing and seeing you a lot recently, Mr Crow. Your thrilling caw floating in the wind outside my bedroom window in the early hours of the morning; and then again a little later whilst eating breakfast. You sound just like this:

The sleek black beauty of your genus has fascinated me for quite a while. Until today however, I did not appreciate the depth of interest in your kind – in both symbolism and legend –  for so many generations across the world. Below are just a few of the amazing things I found out about your mysterious family.

Crow pecking at a statue, Versailles, Paris. Copyright, Lexa.

According to:

Ancient Romans, your cry of “Cras! Cras!” meant “Tomorrow! Tomorrow!” and was interpreted as an expression of eternal hope.

North American Eskimos, your cry of “Kak, kak, kak!” meant “a deer-skin blanket” and so your cries warned people not to forget their blankets when they moved on from one spot to the next.

An Eskimo ceremony – photograph by Kotsuis Hohhug

Ancient Icelandics, you symbolised Odin’s (one of the chief Norse gods) ability to see into the future. (Odin had a pair ravens called Hugin (pronounced “HOO-gin” – old Norse = “Thought”) and Munin (pronounced “MOO-nin” – old Norse = Mind) perching on his shoulders. Each daybreak they were sent out into the world to observe what was happening and question everybody, even the dead. By sunrise they would come back to whisper to their master what they had seen and learnt).

A warrior, likely Odin, flanked by two ravens (likely Hugin and Munin) on an Iron Age helmet found in Sweden

Ancient Greeks, Apollo turned you black when you informed him of the unfaithfulness of his lover, Coronis; giving you a reputation as a tattler, a spy, and a divulger of secrets.

Ukranian legend, you used to have many beautifully colored feathers and a lovely song; but after Autumn you started eating carrion which destroyed your voices and blackened your plumage. Your former loveliness is expected to be returned when Paradise is restored.

North American folklore you are the creator of the world. You gave light to people, taught them to take care of themselves, make clothes, canoes and houses. You also brought vegetation, animals, and other benefits for humans.

the British, if you ever flee the Tower of London, our monarchy will fall!

Ravens inside the grounds of the Tower of London

I certainly don’t see you as a foreboding creature (as you are so often portrayed in horror films and books). To me you portray power; wisdom; and hope.

I ache to discover your secrets.

So who are you?

And what are you trying to tell me?






Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

32 thoughts

  1. What an eerie post: you play with so many different elements, sliding from fact into stealthy philosophy – and maybe a kind of fiction too – I find myself entranced as I read. Wow! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your great feedback. Since you read it, I have inserted a sound clip as I think it adds to creating the atmosphere of the words. If you have time, perhaps you could check it out? Was so cross it didn’t work when I first posted it. I am just so perplexed why I keep on hearing these birds. Maybe it is just crow time in London?! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just tried the sound clip: it’s there, but doesn’t work for me (Windows 8.1/Chrome). Best getting feedback from others before changing, mind.


      2. Thanks so uch for testing, REALLY appreciate it! Felt a bit cheeky but since we are both following each other, it didn’t feel too big an ask! Thanks 😃

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, really! That is amazing. Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for the great feedback. I have been seeing and thinking about crows a lot recently so when I started to read about them earlier today, I was absolutely fascinated. Which is why, ashamedly, it is half past four in the afternoon and I haven’t left the house!!! Oops! Time flies when you are having fun. Plus it is so cold and windy outside. It is not v appealing! Thanks again for the feedback and have a lovely weekend. 😀


  2. Hi Rachel. Really interesting facts about the crows. I am learning so much from you.
    Do you think my Lake District photograph was a crow?


    1. Hi! Thank you! I learnt so much today too!!!! I never realised all their spiritual connections for so many year! Hopefully some of the random information will come up at one of your quizzes! 😃 Xx


  3. Such intriguing writing! Crows have always fascinated me. I’ve been seeing them a lot as of lately. It’s so intresting to know the spiritual meanings in different cultures!


  4. Thanks so much! I love it when I get a comment from someone for the first time! So exciting 😃. I wonder why we are seeing so many? I know it sounds weird, but when I hear their caw-ing, I find it thrilling! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend. And come back and visit soon. Likewise I will be reading your posts. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I never knew those stories/folklore about crows. I will definitely look at them differently from now on. They are very intelligent, apparently, too! Very intriguing animals, and loved your post!


    1. Hey, thanks Samantha! There is even more folklore, I could have gone on for ages…but thought I’d better cut it short! These clever creatures must have fascinated people for centuries! I am v intrigued with reading more about Old Norse folklore now I have stumbled upon it. It is soooo cool. Have a great rest of Saturday evening. 😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They are clever. I saw a couple of crows unpacking someone’s backpack at a beach. How they drag things out and spread them all over, getting into sandwiches etc. It was fascinating. Some people would shoo them off but I didn’t. I mean, would David Attenborough do that?

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    1. Thanks! Oooh I didn’t know that! How interesting, I am going to have a quick Google now yo learn more. Thank you so much for pointing that out to me! Really v interesting. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    1. I wonder what it is about these charismatic creatures which draws peopl in? I thought it was just me before yesterday, but clearly not! I agree, they have very wise and “knowing” faces!! Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It is so lovely to come back to my iPad and read someone’s views. I really appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😀


  6. They really are very interesting. I would like to have one as a pet one day. They have incredible memories and will watch over your place, will ‘Ka, Ka! ‘ to let you know when strangers arrive, much like a barking dog. They mate for life and are very family orientated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sorry for the delayed response. I only saw this comment today – for some unknown reason it had gone straight to my spam folder. Wow, what a cool choice for a pet. I didn’t know that about ‘ka ka-ing’mtomwarn of strangers. They really are fabulous! Have a lovely evening and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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