Tortoise Toils

Curieuse Tortoise Sanctuary. Copyright, Lexa.


Do tortoises stand awake at night

with scenes from the day whirling round in their head?

Their pride dented so much

that they worry how they will ever rediscover their mojo.


Do they suffer migraines with auras

and pulsating veins in their temples?

Willing themselves to sleep at 3 then 4 a.m.

so they don’t feel quite so exhausted later in the day.


Or do they simply lumber through gravel and grass

unaffected by angst.

Slowly stretching out their leathery necks

and digesting leaves?








Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

20 thoughts

    1. Thanks Dianne, really thank you! You don’t know what your lovely comment means to me! Yesterday was a particularly difficult day and so to wake up to this is just the best! 😀 Thanks for stopping by and checking in. Have a great day.🐢

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and saying that! Written late last night when I couldn’t sleep. And wow, you have a tortoise! That is brilliant! Have a lovely day that is tortoise-style peaceful. 😀

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    1. Really! At the same sanctuary?! That is awesome. I had some great video clips of them munching leaves – so cute – but for life of me can’t find them. Did she love seeing them? They are calm and knowing animals. The seen so kind and gentle 😀. Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave a comment. 🐢 Have a great day.

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    1. It certainly is! Writing it was like therapy! And put everything into perspective. Tortoises wouldn’t allow their leaf munching to be disrupted by the thoughts of others!!!! 🐢 Thanks for your very perceptive comment. I feel tortoise like zen this morning!!! Hahahaha

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  1. That picture is (again) amazing! And I am so happy to find I am not the only one who wonders about what happens in animals’ heads. Lovely poem 🙂

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  2. Thanks!!!!! As always I really appreciate your comments. Hahaha! Yes, I always wonder about what goes on in animals’ heads. What an awesome life if they don’t stress and life really is just chilling, looking cool and eating leaves. No wonder they always look so calm if that is the case! 🐢 Have a fab evening.


  3. This is lovely, L. And I couldn’t help but smile at that sweet tortoise’s face. Here’s to laziness (at least sometimes), peace (often), and lots of delicious green leaves (every day!) ! 🙂


  4. Hi! Great to hear from you!! Yes, occasional laziness is great, we def need more peace and I am partial to spinach and rocket in my salad so….Bring it on! 😀 Happy Friday and have a fab weekend. 🐢


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