Perspective at 40,000 feet

View from Etihad flight EY19. Copyright, Lexa

I am not sure whether it is lack of oxygen; the cabin pressure; or both of these things combined, but being 40,000 feet up in the air can be a pretty emotional experience. I was just having this exact same conversation with my husband. He thinks flying does weird things to our emotions. Case in hand, having watched “The Martian” for a second time he said that he got choked up watching the spacecraft trying to re-enter earth – something that certainly didn’t happen the first time we watched the film together!

Anyway, thinking about “stuff” en-route home to London from Australia (18 hours into the journey and feeling slightly travel-weary) has definitely put a few things back in perspective:

  • Our planet is absolutely spectacular: Yes, I knew this already of course. So it wasn’t a great epiphany moment. However, looking out of the cabin window a few minutes ago as we were flying over snow capped mountains certainly reaffirmed this fact. I just had to leap out of my seat and take a photograph. Was I the only person in the world, at that exact moment, looking out of the window at these mountains and seeing this quiet beauty? What a thrilling thought…
View from dirty aeroplane window. Copyright, Lexa.
  • Clouds are awesome: I know we see them virtually every day of our lives, but when you stare at them – and I mean really stare at them and think of nothing else – the formations are truly magical. Blue and white also has to be one of the most delicious colour combinations known to man.
  • Technology has come a long way really quickly: In 1997 my mobile rang during a university lecture. Everyone looked at me because this had not happened before during one of our classes and it was generally a peculiar thing to hear. I was really embarrassed, which is why I think the moment sticks in my head so vividly. Thinking back, the phone was clunky; ugly and not that user friendly. Zoom forward to 2016. And right now – not even 20 years on from the “uni me”. – I am sitting on a plane, logged into wifi in the sky and am writing this post.  40,000 feet up in the air, having taken the photographs on my digital camera and blue-toothed them to my phone. We live in exciting times. And we are so empowered to do great things with technology.
View from Qantas flight from Sydney. Copyright, Lexa.
  • Blink and you miss life: I have come to the conclusion that pretty shitty things happen to some really lovely people; others are taken away way too soon; and nasty people don’t always get their poetic justice. However, life is whizzing by so quickly that there is just no time to waste being bitter and angry about things. If we don’t like something, we must try to change it. I have decided – just now in fact – that I am going to start having a plane crash view of life. Meaning that if my plane was to fall out of the sky right this second, what would I regret? What should I have done differently? Or what should I have said? And to whom? that can’t be a bad philosophy to live by right?


Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

4 thoughts

  1. “Clouds are awesome” – Omg, this made me giggle. Not because it’s funny per se, but because when I still believed in God I figured Heaven must be hidden in the clouds somewhere. I started doing it as a kid, but I still look for Heaven every time I am on a plane! I stare out of my window and gasp at the clouds. And I swear I saw Heaven when I flew to Norway, because those clouds resembled a giant cloud-city!
    Clouds ARE awesome! 😀
    Welcome home! Hope you had an amazing trip!


    1. Hi Samantha! Thank you!!!!! I took about 50 pics of clouds on the way home. I kept on seeng loads of different shapes in them too. Like fabulous whipped cream on a cake. Hope you are well. Enjoy the long weekend that is coming our way 😃.


  2. Impressed by those clouds! Yeah it would be exciting when you have a window seat otherwise perhaps the only thing you could focus on in the cabin is the oil among face after the long-time flight LOL just kidding 😉


    1. Tell me about it! Long flights make you feel so gross right? Btw,must checked out your latest post – your photographs are beautiful. Best wishes and thanks heaps of stopping by and leaving a comment. 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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