Sydney: Dawn, dusk & possum


Jet lag sucks. Officially. Especially once you are back home (like now) and have to make it through a working day at your desk. But on our annual trip to Australia, whilst it (jet lag) is still annoying (I never escape it), I love nothing more than taking an early morning walk with my camera.


This trip my favourite early morning stroll was on day 2 when we stayed in Sydney CBD. (In England we don’t use the term CBD – central business district – to refer to a financial centre, so I always find this acronym particularly peculiar when talking to Sydney-siders!)

It has, by all accounts, being a stinking hot / record breaking summer in New South Wales. And even at 5.40am, the heat of the earth was noticeable; the air hanging low to the pavement.

I feel a quiet specialness in cities in the wee hours. And I only really passed a few people on my adventure – gardeners planting flower beds in Hyde Park, early morning yoga enthusiasts and old people pulling shopping trollies.

My two favourite morning shots below are:

  • picture 7 – the row of lights in Hyde Park which were still switched on from the evening on my walk there (but were switched off on the way back); and
  • picture 9  – I was so excited to catch the orange sun in the windows of St Mary’s Cathedral in Hyde Park. I think that the iron-ore glow in the glass makes the building look so magical.

Dusk (and possum)

My favourite Sydney evening was dinner outside at my sister-in law’s beautiful house in the inner west of Sydney. Not only was it another opportunity to soak up my favourite design style (I just adore the traditional federation house style as per the photographs below) and spend time with family, I also got to see my first wild possum. Such a great night!

Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

7 thoughts

    1. Thanks! I am pretty happy with how they look in a grid format – liking that mist have an orangey tone and all of the have something pointing upwards!!!! Hope you have a lovely rest of the evening. 😀


  1. These are spectacular. I really enjoyed the previous post with the clouds! I am a cloud lover and much of my photography posted are clouds and sunsets. We are going to get along famously, huge grin.


    1. Thank you! I think so. I have just read a poem of yours that will go perfectly with some photos I have taken. Are you ok with me reproducing on my page with links back to you. I don’t want to necessarily straigh up re-blog as I don’t like the layout. Let me know what you think. No worries if not. It is “Optical Illusion”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am very humbled and yes by all means. You have touched my heart with your kindness. I really appreciate that. Sharing time is a gift and you have honored me by sharing yours. 🙂


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