Optical Illusion


The mind’s eye works with a palette

Colour once introduced

Cannot be unseen

Presented in black and white

You are an optical illusion

We accept this art form with awareness

Life experience and emotion

Provide a vast array of hues and shades

It’s up to us to choose the paint


We need only remember

There is beauty in all of it

Even if it is an illusion



[Note: I was so excited when I read this great poem this evening. It was written by Belinda on her blog “Busy Mind Thinking”. Belinda’s words just seemed to fit so perfectly with the photographs I took on Saturday at Masson Mills – a disused cotton mill – in Derbyshire. More about this absolutely fascinating place in a proposed future post. But for now, I really hope you enjoyed the words above as much as I did. Please make sure any comments on the poem are left on Belinda’s blog page –  


more specifically here on the original post:

Optical Illusion

Thanks! And have a lovely evening.]

Author: Lexa

Enjoying life and the crazy beautiful things in it.

4 thoughts

  1. I cannot believe the life you have given my poem with your photography. I am so moved I just don’t even know the appropriate way to convey my gratitude. My belief is often that “no words” are the perfect words. I should apply that now. May I have permission to re-blog this post? Thank you for what you have done. ❤


  2. My absolute pleasure. It is a fabulous poem. And as I read the words earlier this evening, I just couldn’t believe how fitting they were with the photos in my head that I knew I had taken at the weekend. They (your words, my pics!) belong together, and it would have been unjust to keep them apart 😃. I would be humbled if you reblogged! Thanks.


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